Wiping Off the Dust...

Droid Rocks began it's pilot program in December of last year with three students and a mission to turn three non-coders into mobile developers as well as explore some potential pitfalls in our prospective business model. We began with an accountant looking to change career paths without spending $$$ on a new degree, a four-year Business Administration degree looking to broaden his horizons and a stay-at-home mother who came on with the desire to learn something new.

So much has happened over the last eight months with our program! We lost the college student and the stay-at-home mother but our career-changing accountant is charging forward and we brought on another determined student. Neither began with any Java or Android experience but both are well underway in the development of two kick-butt apps! One application utilizes Google's Maps API to offer novel parking solutions and the other integrates with a 3rd party company's API to allow sign-in and control of an unlimited number of IP-enabled power switches (turn your lights on and off from anywhere your phone has an internet connection).

In addition to the great progress of our students and Droid Rocks already mentioned, we are proud to announce the 1.0 release of an app for a local marketing business, co-developed by myself and a student! The app, Our Local, was recently released on Android and iOS. Check us out on your device, then contact us to get started on your own mobile development experience!

The Droid Rocks! Pilot Program is in Full Swing...

Anjali, Kevin and Vyom have just completed their first week of the Droid Rocks! Pilot Program! This week, they learned about the origins of computers, the various generations of programming languages, syntax and base members of Java and they wrote, compiled and ran their first programs - HelloWorld.class and Arithmetic.class using Sublime and Command Prompt/ Terminal, splendid! We'll be moving on to cover the core concepts of Java - Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Abstraction - next week as well as dive into logical operations and Git-based version control.

Now Accepting Applications for the Pilot Program!

Have you thought about coding for a living but don't know where to start? Have you looked into coding bootcamps but been disappointed in the lack of mobile development course offerings available? Is the $10,000+ price tag for a bootcamp outside your grasp? No worries, friend, the Droid Rocks! pilot program is here to help!

In anticipation of the Droid Rocks! grand opening in Spring of 2018, we are now accepting applications for enrollment into our pilot program. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Classes page for more details and get rockin' with Droid Rocks!