Successful deployment of my Android hardware diagnostics app for XPO Logistics at their facility in Ft. Worth, TX

About our Mission:

As the classical education system has shown itself to be largely inadequate for producing IT students with a practical skill base, coding bootcamps have been on the rise for the past several years. The core reason for their success is that they offer exactly what degree programs do not; practical, hands-on experience at a competitive price point. In this spirit, Droid Rocks! aims to take core elements of the coding bootcamp model to the next level. By accepting students with no formal coding experience, we kickoff the program by laying a foundation for Object Oriented programming, continue on to Android basics and finish by guiding students through their own real-world projects based on the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process used in corporate environments around the world. This allows us to develop Android applications at a reduced cost while offering our students invaluable job experience. Using this model, we are also able to establish Droid Rocks! as a reliable 3rd party developer and potentially offer positions to students who successfully complete the program. Talk about a win-win situation for everyone! 

About the Founder:

- Seven years worth of experience with the Android platform dating back to Froyo (2011).

- Co-taught Android to Signal School students for a year at Ft. Gordon with the world-renowned IT instructor, Wei-Meng Lee. In addition, Hollis has experience teaching private, 1-on-1 SAT tutoring with a focus on both verbal and math skills.

- A diverse work experience in a variety of professional environments; from a private web development shop to large corporate development operations like Bank of America and the US Army.

- Sole author or lead developer of several Android apps whose collective installs number in the tens of millions.

Droid Rocks! is a vehicle for aspiring Android developers to get the knowledge, skills and network they need to break into the mobile workforce.

Interested in learning just for the fun of it? Have an idea for an app but can't afford to pay a professional to build it? We've got you covered even if you're not ready start a career in Android development.


Hollis Inman, Founder/ Instructor

Priya Inman, "The Boss"